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Fast mobile sites with AMP

Some time ago, there was a brand new option to enable AMP mobile page acceleration. What is AMP?


AMP or, to be precise, Accelerated Mobile Pages (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a project, or basically a technological standard, that allows building so-called "lightweight versions" of websites.

Pages containing AMP information load quickly and look good on mobile devices (adjusting to screen size and resolution), and can also enjoy special display privileges in Google search results.

To display AMP pages on a Joomla-based site you need the wbAMP plugin.


As the creators of many interesting and functional solutions for Joomla, we have introduced JM AMP i.e. plugin containing theme for AMP sites and plugin that integrates the DJ-Classifieds ad component with wbAMP, which is required to display AMP pages for DJ-Classifieds on Joomla. 


In order for our plugins to work properly, it is required to install a special plugin, for example: wbAMP.


WbAMP is a Joomla plug-in that integrates AMP design guidelines into Joomla sites. There are two versions: a free version and a full version. The full version, of course, offers much more settings and control over AMP sites.


As part of our services, we offer installation of the above-mentioned add-ons and assistance in configuring them so that they work properly.


It is worth adding that since AMP is a technology developed in an open source environment, this results in unlimited access to it and you can make your own modifications and changes. 

This means that we are also able to prepare various proprietary solutions for AMP websites.